ATTENTION – Conference Cancellation March 31, 2020

Due to the current crisis, we regret to announce the cancellation of our conference scheduled for March 31, 2020. The idea of a webinar conference having been considered, we have finally decided to abandon the idea. Indeed, having seen the crisis coming, many of you have refrained from reserving your seats and we therefore have [...]

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Conference – HORECA and databases

Following the success of our conference at the beginning of our activity and the interest generated we decided to repeat the experience. This time it will be oriented differently with more emphasis on recording customer data and how to use this data. You're in the care of your clients throughout the year. So why [...]

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Is Wifi good for your restaurant?

You have probably been asked several times for the Wifi code of your establishment. For some managers, it is absurd to offer it to their clients, for others it is a necessity. In short, it depends on your establishment, your customers and your philosophy. The positive and negative points of Wifi (for you, managers): (+) [...]

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Why it’s important to monitor your reviews

During our visits and conferences, we hear many managers complaining about the presence of online directories on the web. What disturbs us is the sometimes unbearable and unjustified negative opinions. In many cases, it is not possible to delete one's profile from these directories. So, whether you like it or not, reviews will be posted [...]

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Conference – The importance of the GDPR within HORECA

We told you about it in our last blog post on January 6th. The law of the GDPR is coming soon (May 25th) and for some of you this means that preparations have to be made. We advise you not to take this lightly as the sanctions can have disastrous consequences. In order to better [...]

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Conference – HORECA and specialized marketing

As a manager in the HORECA sector, word of mouth is probably your best way to make yourself known. Very effective, it is however not easy to control. Fortunately, there are other ways to make you known and to improve your general image: marketing. WedooBox offers you this conference gathering the best experts in our [...]

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How to respond to reviews left by your customers?

The majority of sites will allow you to respond to the reviews left by your customers. Some offer only the notification of abusive opinions and others do not offer any review management. Here's how to proceed for the major sites we monitor for you: TripAdvisor has published a "seminar" detailing step by step how to [...]

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The benefits of contest games

Contests are very effective, especially in terms of virality and commitment of your customers. Thanks to Wedoo Social, they are very easy to organize. You do not need any computer skills. Our graphical interface is extremely intuitive and will not be a challenge for you, promised! Original and fun, contests are a nice way to [...]

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