Is Wifi good for your restaurant?

You have probably been asked several times for the Wifi code of your establishment. For some managers, it is absurd to offer it to their clients, for others it is a necessity. In short, it depends on your establishment, your customers and your philosophy.

The positive and negative points of Wifi (for you, managers):

(+) Some clients find it a necessity…

(+) Wifi can be a very efficient tool to record your customers’ data.

(-) For some people, Wifi can be seen as harmful to the general atmosphere of their establishment. A restaurant where all the customers are on their phones does not always have a warm atmosphere.

(-) Setting up is not easy for a neophyte.

(-) Clients sometimes occupy tables for longer periods of time without consuming.

Considering the number of negative points one could believe that it is a bad idea to install a Wifi in his establishment. For us, it is not! We’ll explain:

A properly configured Wifi allows you to:

  • Record your customers’ data (in accordance with the European GDPR rules)
  • Enlarge your customer database without doing anything and activate it automatically or whenever you wish
  • Set up targeted promotions based on the data collected. For example, you can promote birthdays and big tables by sending an automatic Email 2 weeks before your customer’s birthday.

Your Wifi is therefore a source of income!