Easily manage your online content with Wedoobox

As a restaurant owner, you already have so much to manage. Today, you must also add the management of digital tools to manage your content and retain your customers

Your responsive website

You don’t have a website yet? Do you need to modernize it or change the content? We offer “responsive” sites that can be viewed on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Booking software

Online reservations have several advantages. In addition to being accessible on your website or Facebook, they are fully customizable (number of tables, min/max seats, opening hours) and will increase the number of your reservations by facilitating the task for your customers. In addition, the contact details entered during each reservation will automatically feed your customer database.


Your reputation is made by the reviews of your clients about your establishment. Whether positive or negative, they will be on the web and will influence the decision of new customers. Many sites allow you to respond to these reviews and show that you are anxious to provide a flawless service. It is therefore essential to know when and where a notice is posted to be able to answer it quickly. Our tool notifies you as soon as it is published and informs you of the site on which it is located.


Want to increase your reservations on a specific time frame? Nothing is more easy with Wedoobox. Add a promotion on the fly. At no additional cost which should go without saying.


The menu of a restaurant is one of the first selection criteria. It must be clear and up to date. Modify it in a few clicks on Wedoobox and avoid bad surprises for your customers.


Many of you already offer Wifi. Why not put it at your service and save the data of your customers who connect to it? Plus, there’s no need to provide a password anymore.

And much more…

  • Virtual Visits (website & Google)

  • Emailing Platform

  • Holidays management

  • Configured in 2 weeks

  • Import of your existing Database

  • A person dedicated to your Restaurant

Do not believe us on word! See what our customers think

“Thanks to Wedo we’ve been able to increase our number of visitors. We’re organizing a lot of events and found the mobile app to be a very interesting tool to tell our customers about them.”
Vincent King, Le Stoefer
“Everything went according to plan and delivered on time. It might not be as important as the effectiveness of the tools themselves but I think it’s important to work with companies that hold their word. Congratulations Wedo and good luck!”
Thomas Vandepitte, Le Coco
“Ce que j’ai particulièrement apprécié chez Wedo c’est le fait d’avoir des packs. Le fait que les outils soient réunis m’a aidé à comprendre comment les utiliser ensemble. La documentation et les news & idées fournies rendent leur utilisation très facile. Plus que des outils donc!”
Julien Philippe, Les Archiducs