Why it’s important to monitor your reviews

During our visits and conferences, we hear many managers complaining about the presence of online directories on the web. What disturbs us is the sometimes unbearable and unjustified negative opinions. In many cases, it is not possible to delete one’s profile from these directories.

So, whether you like it or not, reviews will be posted and not all of them will be positive.

So, then: What to do ?

  • Set up a monitoring of the reviews on all the online directories (WedooBox offers this tool within the proposed packs)
  • Know the rules of each platform and the possibilities of recourse for managers in the face of posted notices. We have written another article on this subject here
  • Respond to reviews, whether negative or positive. The customer will feel listened to and closer to you. If the advice is negative, it is sometimes possible to discuss it with the customer. This is often a misunderstanding
  • If possible, automate the sending of a mail with a suggestion to write a review. This will allow you to approach them in a pleasant and sympathetic way which will make the customer already more inclined to give a good review. In addition, a greater number of ratings makes you more visible on online directories (WedooBox offers this tool within the proposed packs)
  • Listen to what they say about your establishment. Do your customers complain too often about a particular dish, the price, the mood of the staff? All these things become visible as you attach importance to your reviews.

For more information about the services that WedooBox can offer you in this regard, visit this page.